Capturing Cinematic Drone Shots

Drone technology is always advancing. This guide will help you get the best cinematic drone shots. But first, some basic knowledge about your drone is essential.

Drones are embedded with multiple sensors. They also will often contain high-end cameras that allow you to capture some incredible shots of nature. The photographer has ultimate control over the UAV. All you need to get great pictures is a drone and some inspiration. The perfect set up is waiting for you. Decide what kind of photography you want to do and let’s get started.

How to Get Cinematic Drone Shots

Begin by learning the basics of photography. You also must gain beginner-level experience with flying a drone for safety reasons.  Now let’s snap some amazing aerial shots with your drone. The following tips will get you ahead of the game.

Scout for Locations

Find that perfect location that embellishes every element of a great photograph. This will elevate the décor of the picture. Find the perfect location to fit the purpose and mood of the photography project.

Do some flight research. Fly your drone at different heights, to gain an understanding of the terrain. If you prefer, use Google Maps. You can view a particular area in 3D, which will allow you to better understand the surroundings. Now that we’ve chosen the best location.

Plan for that ‘WOW’ factor

Weather and the wind are important factors to focus on when trying to stabilize the drone. Capture a steady shot in the perfect location and you’ll capture that WOW factor. The hard work spent on preparation will show in your photographs. The photographs should appear to be glistening. Wait for the perfect lighting to capture that moment.

Professionals keep planning sheets, so that the final results are just mind-blowing. Planning includes calibrating the thrust of the drone in accordance with the wind and toggling the image stabilization. It’s also important to remember that success begins before lift off.

Pay attention to the ‘Rule of Thirds’

When flying over a landscape that seems or looks monotonous, try to find a pattern or irregularity. A windmill on a hillside, along a field, can become the main element, a worthy centerpiece of your photograph. 

Center the object so that it complies with the rule of the thirds. The goal is for your subject to occupy one-third of the photograph, leaving two-thirds for scenery. 

Now that you’ve taken compelling and extremely composed shots. Play with the colors in the post-processing of the picture to meet your editing needs.   

Proper planning has made capturing nice drone images almost as easy as our DSLR cameras.

Don’t Fly too High

Flying too high rarely leads to better shots. The results are often cluttered. The pictures will not convey the story you are hoping to share with the viewer.

In fact, in most cases, the best shots happen when you have your drone only a few meters in the air. 

Now Go Hit the Skies

Whether you are looking to keep your photography for yourself or share it with the world, following these simple tips will allow your best shot at capturing magic.

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