5 Exciting Drone Stocks Ready to Take Flight? ALPP, UAVS, DPRO, AVAV, RCAT


It’s no secret, if you’ve been following, that big things are happening in the drone industry. Let’s check out some of the action and see why we feel some exciting drone stocks are ready to bounce.

First ALPP, an Alpine 4 Holdings subsidiary, entered into a 4 year agreement with a government contractor to purchase 475 drones. The deal is valued in excess of $100M. This deal set up by Mr. Jalen Uboh of All American Contracting Solutions means that the Alpine 4 drone manufacturing is the largest in the U.S. and together this deal has established the JUBOH company as one of the most powerful in the UAV industry. The JUBOH company is the company assisting Alpine 4 in securing government contracts. The company is minority-owned and places Alpine 4 in a great position to help impact as many lives as possible in a positive way. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6993548298586386432/

Alpine 4 is excited by the deal, CEO, Kent Wilson recently proclaimed, “we are the go-to American Made drone company addressing a multitude of use cases.”Alpine 4 Deal

Kent Wilson also spoke at the LD Micro Conference and mentioned how Alpine’s patents will make it very difficult for other manufacturers. The patent is essentially for a flying battery that Alpine 4 believes will propel the corporation into leaders in autonomous freight delivery for the next 50 years. The company has been able to accomplish feats that much larger companies, such as Lockheed Martin have been unable to replicate. Alpine has plans for larger manufacturing facilities to be able to meet extensive demands for their drones. The addition of the first ever production solid state batteries being incorporated into the drones has pushed the capability of the drones to their current limits. Specifications that cannot be achieved with traditional lithium-ion batteries. The technology is truly believed to be a “gamechanger” as Mr. Wilson has previously referred to the battery technology. Check out the LD Micro presentation, beginning at the 33 Minute markYoutube LD Micro

Extensive testing of Alpine 4’s SSB at the Battery Innovation Center stated that the test of the Elecjet battery by Alpine 4 was not exciting because the battery is able to sustain major damage without thermal runaway. The battery is still able to be charged when folded and shot with a bullet. https://twitter.com/TheBICIndiana/status/1586358258864107520

Next, UAVS, AgEagle, received permission from the FAA to fly its eBee drone over people and vehicles without the need for additional waivers. This clearance is the first of its kind in the U.S. and the company hopes this authorization can lead to a boom for the company. Admittedly, this company is in need of faster growth to achieve to a profitable status. However, the years of extensive testing the company has done might start paying dividends for investors if the corporation’s growth strategies materialize as planned.FAA Clearance

AgEagle has been finding some success in encouraging other drone manufacturers choose their MicaSense sensor for their 3D mapping projects. This strategy is a major part of AgEagles plan to grow. They hope to foster and encourage growth in the industry through collaboration. Drone manufacturer, Event 38 recently announced they incorporated the MicaSense into their drone. They report having great success in monitoring assets. The technology is extremely useful in covering areas that are difficult to access with foot traffic. https://www.suasnews.com/2022/10/event-38-adds-ageagle-multispectral-sensors-to-e400-vtol-drone/

DPRO, Draganfly, is set to be a keynote speaker at the National Disaster Expo November 9-10th. This will allow the corporation to showcase their products to a vast array of first responders. Sure, a lot of people are aware that drones are making inroads to disaster relief, but it is important to get out front and pound home how important the technology can be for saving lives. Decision-makers need to act on getting drones to help ensure the safety of their populations. Draganfly’s heavy-life drones are going to help move a lot of products in time of need. Medical and other lifesaving products can get to the worksite in minutes. This presentation will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the versatility of drones in disaster relief. https://twitter.com/DraganflyInc/status/1587533783276072960

The Draganfly heavy-lift drones can handle approximately up to 67lbs. All of the different offerings provide customers the ability to optimize their drones for their particular use cases. Different industries have shown interest in incorporating drones into their business models, especially environmental and inspection businesses. Draganfly has been gathering customer feedback from the tens of thousands of drones they have sold throughout the years. This feedback has led to refined products. Draganfly is offering other services, such as training, to try to foster more growth in the industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3v9JotXk2U&t=384s

The AVAV, Aerovironment stock is impressive. The institutional ownership is at 85%. The investing public is only dealing and transacting with 13% of the shares. It should be no secret that when supply is low, the price will tend to rise, assuming demand stays strong. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fantastic-week-aerovironment-inc-nasdaq-130802602.html

The demand for Switchblade “Kamikaze drones” continues to be strong as the success in Ukraine has been evident for all to see. The corporation offers many different drones for different applications. The Army has chosen the Jump 20 as their VTOL, Vertical Takeoff and Landing, UAS for their operations. https://twitter.com/aerovironment/status/1582434442890838018 

Also, their Vapor 55 helicopter style drone is another useful and interesting offering. The payload is 12lbs, to stay under the 55lb threshold that would require additional waivers. The craft has the ability for 75minutes of flight. https://twitter.com/aerovironment/status/1584964326011637779

Finally, RCAT, Redcat Holdings, was awarded a $1M contract from the U.S. Border Patrol to provide them with their Teal drones. The Teal drones have proven especially effective in assisting in night-time operations. Red Cat has increased their output capacity and has a new manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City. The corp hopes this allow them to meet the demand of any (expected) future orders. The RCAT stock price seems ready to benefit from the increased use by military and emergency forces. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-border-patrol-purchasing-over-113000628.html

Red Cat also put together an interesting video of them flying through the LD Micro conference with an FPV drone. It’s cool, check it out. https://www.linkedin.com/company/red-cat/videos/

Additionally, RCAT announced a partnership with Tomahawk Robotics. This partnership allows the operator of a Red Cat drone to fly 4 UAS at the same time. This technology has been called a game-changer by the companies. Furthermore, pilots are able to switch shifts without interruption. This technology should prove very useful on the battlefield and beyond https://finance.yahoo.com/news/partnership-between-teal-drones-tomahawk-110000295.html

Do not believe any RCAT stock price predictions because no one knows what the future price will be. Do research and never invest more than you are willing to lose. Long-term investing is usually the best strategy for sound gains. Warren Buffett can attest to this fact.

To conclude, a lot is happening in the drone industry. This compilation of data is only from the past two weeks. It is becoming more self-evident by the day, that the demand for drones is quite strong. The future should prove to be bright for the holders of the drone stocks. The real winners will be the corporations that are able to provide clients with drones that meet their end goals. Lots of problems out there looking for solutions.

Large contracts are being signed by government entities. The industry is just starting to fly, maybe its time to think about going along for the ride.





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