Superior, Awesome, Devastating: US Military Drones

US Military Drones are advancing rapidly due to the success in the Ukraine conflict. The latest US aid package sent $2B worth of military aid to Ukraine. Both sides of the conflict have realized the importance of building a cohesive drone strategy.

Aerovironment is particularly suited for success in the future due to their success in Ukraine. Switchblade drones and the Jump 20, long range VTOL, Vertical Takeoff and Landing, drones are mainstays in the conflict.

he need for defense spending has all but guaranteed a bright future for US drones.

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Boeing is hoping The MQ-28 Ghost Bat fighter is a good fit for the AirForce.

When most of us think of drones, we imagine smaller commercial units. This drone and others like it are built just like the most advanced fighter aircraft minus the cockpit. The future looks to include more of these craft as part of a whole autonomous fleet that will be able to blanket any area with overwhelming force.

Worry over China Involvement

Legislators are becoming rightfully concerned that China is intent on sending drones to aid Russian forces. One report leads to suspicion that the countries are looking to finalize a deal for drones. No voices are calling out for peace and de-escalation at this point.

Certainly, it would be nice to see an end to all the provocations from both sides, but the story as it is unfolding does look towards future aggression. Both sides have made clear the consequences of further provocation. Hopefully, an amicable solution can be brought about at some point.

Recent events, of which everyone is aware, i.e. the Balloon incident, have raised concerns about the security of our airspace. The balloon was allowed to fly over sensitive military bases across America without detection. The airspace is not secure.


Al Qaeda has been on the receiving end of US drone strikes in Yemen recently. A strike in January took out a combatant known for making roadside bombs targeting American forces. 70 Yemen troops died and 170 have suffered casualties during the last 6 months alone as the fight again Al Qaeda rages on.


Iran is becoming a significant drone producer backing Russia in the war effort. Iran denies allegations that they are supplying drones to Russia, but the US says it has definitive proof. The US accuses Iran of using their experience with supplying drones for use against Ukraine.

The Iranians have been learning how to better their capabilities and are progressing in building more advanced craft. Iranian officials have stated that their program is so advanced that China is looking to buy 15k drones.

Police Use

US drones are mandatory for some forces. Florida law requires governmental agencies to fly US made drones. The components inside need to be US made, The reason for this is the potential compromising of security from DJI Chinese drones.

The Port Saint Lucie Police Department is using Teledyne drones as a useful way to capture suspects efficiently. Instead of multiple officers combing an area, one operator is able to direct traffic where it is needed. Canine units are then able to get to the area quickly and avoid any potential harm. US drones offer increased capabilities for departments due to greater technology.

Night-time operations are especially advantageous, benefitting from the new LIDAR capabilities. Thermal imagining does not allow suspects any rest when they attempt to flee.

The department is also going to be receiving 3 drones intended for indoor use in June. The drones are intended to be used when the situation involves a life or death scenario.

Mokena, Illinois used drone technology to capture three fugitives last week. The drones help turn the dark into night and the advantage is leading to great results. The drones travel at heights that even if noticed, suspects would confuse the sound with an airplane flying overhead.

A high speed pursuit, abandoned car, and run into the middle of a field did not stop a fugitive from being apprehended.

The drones are able to replace a single helicopter that would be used to cover an extensive area. Instead of putting an officer in harms way, the department is able to use drones. Lives can be saved.

Chula Vista

The Chula Vista Police Department runs a full-time drone operation, 70 hours a week. Most people aren’t even aware that one of the departments 29 drones are flying 200 to 400ft above their heads at most times. The drones are used to capture shoplifters from the safety of a room far away from the action.

Chula Vista has been awarded BVLOS, Beyond Visual Line of Site approval meaning that their department can go beyond what most departments are capable of in terms of drone operations.

Public Concern

Most look as this being a fundamental shift in policing. It is easy to see how this new technology could be abused. The power the operators have could naturally lead to ethical dilemmas that have real world implications. Abuse of this enormous power could lead to a total collapse of civil rights as the technology has capabilities beyond what we can imagine.

Every day tech is encroaching into new territories. Privacy is almost non existent if you choose to interact in public.

Cashless stores charge you without any human interaction. Tollroads take a photo of your plate and charge accordingly. All of your information is online.

Citizens are rightfully concerned about drone technology. Oversight is needed to ensure that data is not abused. The oversight is certainly behind the implementation. The rollout of the technology has been widespread without any fundamental oversight regarding the repercussions of such widespread drone use.


Drone technology is going to proliferate whether we like it or not. US drone manufacturers are in a unique position to benefit. Hopefully the industry can remain fractured so that power does not get too concentrated to control.

The industry is benefitting from successful demonstrations in Ukraine. Draganfly and Aeronvironment have been highly successful in getting their hardware over to the frontlines. The information learned has accelerated drone production by a number of years. American manufacturers are set to benefit, hopefully the expense does not come at great cost to the public.


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