Under Drone lights: Shining Light on the Technology

Drone lights create opportunities to extend activities. The technology is leading to some exciting results. The many uses are just starting to be explored.

Sony Airpeak

The Sony Airpeak drone has the ability to capture stunning images at night-time. Photographers are equipping the drone with lights at night to get just the right images.

Craig Coker, drone pilot and content creator, is using the drone lighting and onboard technology to capture what he is calling, “Light the Night.”

The results of the photography session speak for themselves. His photography is capturing world-class athletes in their element. His techniques are changing what is possible for photographers everywhere. Anyone can employ these same techniques to make their work better.

Skills improve the more you practice. When others pack for home, strobe lights are helping photogs get those perfect photos, If you value some unique shots, the investment might be worth it.

Flares attached to drones

Nico Vuignier, an enterprising skier used road flares to make a great video skiing at night. The mountain is completely lit up due to flares being attached to the drone.

So many people are using drones, interesting ways to create new video concepts are bound to continue.

The internet is full of people looking for the next thing. To stand out you have to be creative. But drone lights is not all about fun and games, the product category is also capable of saving lives.

Turkey Earthquake Rescue

China is helping victims of the recent Turkey earthquake. Drones are providing lighting so crews can operate at night. More drones will be assisting with the effort in the future.

The benefits of having moveable drone lights that can illuminate large areas is important in time-sensitive missions such as this. Rescuers are able to work around the clock.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, so many uses exist for drone lighting. One of the best known providers on the market might have just the solution you are looking for.

Construction crews, sports teams, and event organizers could all benefit from this technology. Security staff should consider the lighting to prioritize event’s safety.

Investment in drone lighting should continue to increase as the lighting technology and capability become even more convenient.

Blue Vigil

Blue Vigil is one company that offers a tethered light drone that is capable of providing the power for sporting events, construction crews, or whatever needs your crew has.

The lighting is portable. Capable of lighting up to 8,000 square feet, the light is sure to be useful for any number of projects.

The Blue Vigil lighting is easy to set up, power, and operate. This new product class might be useful for you. Find out more about this company at


In conclusion, drone lighting has come a long way. The surface is just beginning to be scratched. Innovative consumers are always finding new ways to get just the lighting they need for whatever they desire.

We expect to continue to monitor the drone lighting market for future innovations.

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