Are We Getting Close: Flying Cars 2023

Right now, flying cars and other great ideas are out of reach due to the intensive work that goes into making the vehicles a reality. Making the vehicles safe, yet affordable for the average person will be a monumental challenge. However, in garages all across the world intrepid designers are working diligently to try and make dreams a reality.

The companies that provide the solutions needed to implement mass drone transit could share in an industry worth trillions of dollars.

The dream of a future like the Jetsons is becoming within reach, it is becoming clearer to see what could be with drone skateboards and scooters. Flying cars and bikes that would enable us to move about cities, without encountering traffic. The freedom that could be provided by future transport ideas is appealing.

Unidentified Sightings

Videos all over the internet, show people riding around on jetpacks, flying what looks to be hundreds of feet high without any fear. Most of us would not adapt to this sort of technology due to the fear that a breakdown would occur, this realm is currently for the same adventurous types, who are pioneering wing-suits.

Numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects have been reported to the FAA across the nation in the last couple years. Some of the callers and pilots have described seeing Iron Man like flyers speedily maneuvering around in the skies, up to 10,000 feet high. Homemade projects are probably leading to an increase in these sightings, as many hobbyists have an interest in this technology.

Flying Car Races

Within the next year, flying cars should be racing across television screens. The one person Mk4 by Alauda will be racing different courses, the little footage I have seen looks awesome. These races should attract fans and propel the future of transport forward, deep pocketed sponsors are lining up to take part in this series.

Ideas like this are exciting, sports fans are always drawn to something new and exciting, this promises to be just that. These entrepreneur’s many hours of dedication to making their crafts the best in the world has the potential to benefit all mankind. One day, we could possibly own technology that is really mind-boggling to the average person.

Flying Car Service

Cities are racing to embrace this technology, Chicago is planning to make 2025 the year downtown can be accessed by flying car. The unpredictable city traffic will hopefully be able to be bypassed, with a 15 mile flight, which might only take as little as ten minutes. This option would be highly convenient for travelers, scheduled at $100 a person.

In Miami, Doroni Airspace is hoping to put you in one of their $350,000 speeders that should be hitting the market by 2025. The aircraft can be driven by anyone who has a standard driver’s license and 20 hours of training. The feeling of going 140 mph will be exhilarating for those who have the means. It will be interesting to watch celebrities add cars like these to their collections.

The Jetson One is a flying car that looks really exciting, sort of reminiscent of a flying dune buggy. If the public ever has access to vehicles like these, the freedom that would be provided would be hard to restrain. Keep your eye out, this is a fun company to watch.


The Indian army is seeking contractors who can meet the specifications for jetpacks they are looking to order for their soldiers. The army would like to buy 44 jetpacks that can fly faster than 30 miles per hour, and be under a certain weight.

It’s easy to see the benefit in super soldiers having the ability to access difficult terrain. Soldiers could enter skyscrapers from numerous locations. Armies would have much less fatigue, be more combat ready, and much more productive.

Using all of these different technologies in combination, is sure to make police forces even that much more powerful.

Either way, high speed transportation options have the potential to get commuters where they need to go faster than traditional roadways. The stop and go traffic, inevitable bottlenecks, and abundance of stoplights keep us from traveling as freely as we would like. Luckily, entrepreneurs across the globe are looking to solve our problems for efficient future transport. The future looks exciting in regards to flying vehicles and other ideas for future travel.

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