Mullen Automotive: Ready to Roll

The future of the Electric Vehicle market is exciting. I would like to see companies like Mullen Automotive succeed. The approach appeals to me, will it be successful in gaining market share? I am most interested in seeing progress, quality, and care. Hopefully, EV manufacturers will adopt advanced technology, even if it means having to charge more.

Issues With Lithium-Ion

Recent issues have demonstrated the difficulty owners have experienced getting EVs to charge in cold weather. The lackluster performance of the lithium-ion batteries in less than optimal conditions does not boost consumer confidence. The risk of fire is real, and the fires are difficult to manage. These lithium fires are highly susceptible to thermal runaway, and take firefighters many gallons of water to extinguish.


Solid state batteries should be embraced by car manufacturers. Other advanced battery designs that promote safety are welcome to.make their pitch. Numerous researchers around the world are trying to get viable solid-state batteries to market. As far as I am aware, Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc., is the first to market. The battery is offered under the brand names RCA, Elecjet, and Powerable. 

Right now, Mullen Automotive, a publicly traded company under the symbol MULN stock, is making cars with lithium-sulfur batteries that do not require any rare earth minerals. The result is a more sustainable battery. However, Mullen believes that solid state batteries will be what drives the industry forward.

Mullen Class 1 vans should be hitting the road before the end of the year, equipped with solidstate batteries that will offer much greater performance. Mullen believes this increased capability will drive consumers to consider purchasing electric.


Bollinger Automotive plans to have vehicles hitting the road shortly. The company looks to have positioned itself well for potential government contracts. Bollinger is a majority owned subsidiary of Mullen Automotive. The company is working on releasing semi-trucks and Hummer style vehicles.

Positioning for government spending is a smart idea, the government is moving full speed ahead with the electric vehicle agenda. Mullen hopes to have vehicles that charge faster and perform better.

The Mullen GT is a high end vehicle that will be powered by Mullen’s proprietary battery technology, RESS, Rechargeable energy storage system, which will allow these supercars to reach distances of up to 310 miles.

Advancements in the EV space are much needed and appreciated, because the more adoption there is for the technology the more choices consumers will have. Manufacturers will be forced to offer consumers the best products possible. But there is more to the customer experience than just the product.

Customer Experience

The retail experience looks easy to me. It is frustrating for many buyers who have the money and want to buy a car to find a simple process. The experience is terrible, it takes a long time to do the paperwork, and the environment inevitably feels like it is high pressure.

Hopefully, Mullen strives to offer customers a better experience. The way the company is introducing the Mullen 5 and getting the name out there is hopefully exciting a large fanbase. The Mullen five will be able to charge to 80% capacity within 20 minutes. The Mullen 5 will have a range over 300 miles. 

The company promises a zero pressure sales environment. My opinion is that if you build the right product, know information, and can answer questions; the product should sell itself. The Mullen retail outlets plan to be located where people are, to make everything convenient. The plan is to create a space that is welcoming for guests, whether getting service or making a purchase.

These are some of the reasons why I would like to see these USA made vehicles succeed. I do believe that the market wants electric cars, but they want to get the best value for their money. These Mullen vehicle offerings look to provide consumers with a vehicle they can be proud of driving. Consumers will vote with their hard-earned dollars, as to whether the value is worth it to them.

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