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A lot has changed since the last time we looked at RCAT. The corp. is now hailing itself as, “The Future of American Drones.” They have spun off the Fat Shark and other brands for a significant cash windfall.

They are focusing on their Teal line of drones to provide the military what they are asking for. the Golden Eagle drone appears to be one of their newest versions, and is just about to enter production. Through their partners, RCAT has the ability to fly 4 drones as previously mentioned. Night-time vision is also useful for their work with the Border Patrol or other military, police applications. They refer to their drone as a “flying cellphone”, highlighting the ease of use.

The demand for things like the Skypersonic technology should continue to an upswing. The ability to inspect sensitive areas by drone is catching on across many different industries. The cost savings of having drones handle the work is undeniable.

Something is likely brewing for RCAT to be making all of these changes unless this was a long-time plan. The drone industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Can’t wait to see what other developments occur.




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