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You are right, these drones are going to be useful for emergency services of all kind,

RCA has a video on LinkedIn where they advertise solid state batteries. ALPP has been silent for a long time, there is no telling what they are up to.

Cobra Aero, which is based out of Michigan, like Vayu Aerospace has an advertisement where they feature the G1 in the background of the poster. The G1 engines are made by this company. They feature a couple of test flights on their website.

As has been stated ALPP subsidiaries are isolated from the other entities. Each company Vayu or RCA Commercial is a separate company of which ALPP is the owner. (Basically ALPP is the shareholder and Vayu is one of their shares, RCA C, Quality Circuit Assembly.)

This structure is useful because failure of one company has no relation to any of the other entities. I like to think of this as the companies are able to try and make the home runs, or “drivers” as Kent likes to say. If there is a failure in the American made drone business or batteries are no longer needed we are in trouble. But in that unlikely event, ALPP has their other businesses to rely upon and try again for the big win.

I think the future is bright.



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