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I’m in South Florida, a lot of the realtors I know will just have one of the DJI minis. Some people are really talented and can get the shots rarely leaving their vehicle. The key is to picture the home in relation to the surrounding area to make sure you are highlighting the features that are really going to sell the property. These properties are usually under an acre and easy to capture. Maybe a school, park, beach, or lake is close to the property, make sure to feature it.

For shooting in a more rural area you might want to stage multiple locations to feature things like barns, driveways, gated fences, and pools. Try and get some real good staging of any natural areas, like a pond and dock to highlight that.

Obviously, capturing nice photos of the home and the immediate surrounding is the ultimate goal.

My friend is a professional and likes the Mavic 3 w/ the screen built into the controller at a much higher price point, to each their drone.

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