Drone Flyers: Professionals, Gamblers

Drone flyers are everywhere. The future is in the air. Pay attention because the obsession is taking over.

Drones are delivering more goods at ever increasing speed Oftentimes, these deliveries are by some of the biggest corporations the world has ever known. Security, inspection, agriculture, photography, sporting events, and countless other industries already benefit form the technology.

Clearly, innovators will continue to solve issues. In addition to the hardware business, which most people comprehend, lies another opportunity providing the most state-of-the-art software applications possible: LIDAR, mapping and other exciting technologies.

Recreational Market

On the recreational side, drones are becoming somewhat similar to GoPros at least for a certain section of the public, in that they are indispensable. Capturing that perfect action shot is a must for many social media influencers.

Drone racing continues to captivate. The DRL is a relatively new sport that has already gained worldwide appeal. Races are capable of taking place in numerous venues, and are drawing in size-able crowds. Lucrative business opportunities exist for sponsors looking to capture the youth market.

Commercial Market

The business side of racing will continue the push to make the sport as accessible as possible. Hopefully, the public continues to appreciate the skills these pilots possess.

Interested in the drone jobs? Then, take you are going to need to take the Part 107 test to become a commercial drone pilot. Promising opportunities exist for pilots. Drone skills and knowledge are valuable. The industry growth is occurring worldwide.

Commercial UAV Expo 2022

Attendees of the recent CommercialUAV expo event included representatives from as far away as Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic to name a few. Manufacturers, worldwide, are making rapid advancements in drone technology and bringing the technology to the forefront for all to see.

Outstanding drones are being manufactured all over the globe, all of which they hope is offering some competitive advantage over the competition. Their American counter parts are also progressing drone manufacturing at a fast rate.

Areas that are sometimes referred to as “flyover country” are embracing the opportunity provided by drone technology. Oftentimes, these areas are pursuing opportunities quicker than their urban counterparts.

In conclusion,

Drone flyers are everywhere. People might not realize how closely knit their lives are becoming to this technology, but the technology has the potential to become an essential part of our lives.

Part of the reason, that I suspect the technology might become so ingrained with our daily lives, is because drone tech is being seamlessly implemented into our orbits.

In our daily activities, we may watch movie that contains drone shots. Perhaps, our social media feed contains the drone video of a whale breaching.

Drone hardware is being sold in substantial numbers from companies such as Amazon and Best Buy. Furthermore, different ecosystems exist to serve up software and service offerings. The industry should continue to grow at a tremendous pace.

Drone technology is vital to the security of the nation, so the government will continue to fund research. The companies that receive this backing will greatly benefit for the hard work it will take to stay ahead of the competition.

A fight is ensuing. Stay ahead of the pack, or get left behind. Either you are a DroneFlyer or know someone who is.

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