Break Into the Drone Business Now

Background Research 

Like anything else in life, you are going to have to work hard if you want to break into the drone business now. First, get to know the jargon, for example what is a UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle? Next, study everything you can about the industry. This will help to impress contacts when you get out and start networking. The boss doesn’t want to train you from scratch. We’ll show you how to burst unto the drone scene today.

Always stay aware of what kinds of opportunities are available. Having background knowledge shows that you are interested.  Demonstrates you are willing to learn. Come into the relationship with some basic working knowledge. Learn all you can about drones. Finally, pinpoint the areas you wish to work.

Make it Happen

Whether you want to pursue formal training or YouTube Ed, you need the discipline to further your progress. Figure out how to solve pressing issues.

Sure, you can go through life and hope that someone might discover you. Indeed, you can fly drones with the best of them. However, the better pathway to success is to embrace your talent. Be active, make it happen and show the world what you can do.

And get your Part 107, so you are a commercial pilot.


You don’t have the best equipment, so what. The best day to get out there and learn is today. Make sure to maintain all of your drone tech. Charge all of your batteries fully. Likewise, be prepared in advance. Do not be fumbling to get everything organized. Surely, you’ll run out the door get to the location and find… Whoops.

Athletes visualize success. Drone piloting and drone photography should be no different. Have all factors considered beforehand. Make contingencies. As a result, you’ll be sure you are maximizing your potential. Take these steps to get the most epic work possible.

Job Search

Everyone has emails. Reach out to the companies you are interested in and see if you can get on board. A quick search of the local job postings shows quite a number of opportunities for drone operators. Do you want to travel? Inspect power lines with drones? Can you run mapping software? Are you proficient in data collection?

Hardware companies are looking for people to join their support staff. Small operations offer excellent opportunities to rise up the ranks. These drone businesses are small business. As a result, your contributions and hard work should be noticed and appreciated.

On the Job

These opportunities might enable you to become a jack of all trades. Disney has drone pilots who are experienced in broadcasting. These pilots understand film production. Also, employees perform inspections on property with the drones.

Wedding, real estate, and other photography, and other videography applications offer many opportunities for the small owner/operator.

In summary, more job opportunities are to be expected in the future. Significantly, this is a fast growing area. Be sure to, keep your skills relevant. Finally, always stay aware of the next trends.

Hopefully, a lot of these tips are universal. To be sure, the ideas should be useful to be successful in many aspects of life. Different people have different talents and interests. Most importantly, find out where you fit in best. What makes you happy? Always have fun and always stay ahead of the game with DroneFlyer

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