Drone Soccer: It’s Competitive, Educational

Drone soccer is starting to catch fire. The intensity builds, the crowd roars. as another match beings. Player down, player down. Another, player smashed into the net. “Are you O.K?” If, you like competitive indoor sports, smash the like on US Drone Soccer.

What is Drone Soccer

The sport is growing and the kids are learning. At more schools across the country, science is now hands on. Schools are finding the educational value in hosing Drone Soccer Leagues. Just about anyone can participate. Furthermore, kids are having fun.

Each team has a designated scorer. The object of the game is to get through the other team’s goal. Defenders hope to smash you from the sky. Let’s just say it ain’t gonna be easy.

The drones are rugged. Repairs are often necessary during intermissions between the 3 minute periods. Repairs will need to be completed quickly, often in under a minute. The same drones can also be used for racing, simply remove the protective cage.

The rules for the actual events are rigid, obviously. However, this is the perfect sport for a small number of players. The teams consist of four to five each. People have compared it to the game Quidditch.

Growth of the Sport

The game was brought to the US by a former Air Force instructor, Major Kyle Sanders, he started the league in Colorado, where the sport is literally taking off.

Any skill level is welcome to join. However, the best of the best constantly hone their skills. What seems so simple, is actually complex. Aerodynamics, design, electrical and other skills are a must. Ignore any area at your peril.

One of the young kids heavily involved in the sport, Ian, is already a master of programming. These kids say they wrote the code and “you ain’t getting it.”

Drone soccer is making education in STEM learning accessible for many students who, otherwise would not be exposed to these opportunities. Also, the sport is a perfect way for participants to learn about the importance of teamwork.

The league is hoping to attract an audience and follow in the success of drone racing, Drone soccer offers a great opportunity for fans to be close to the action. After all, the court is only 10 x 20 feet.

In conclusion, The work is often a grueling task, but it all pays off in the end. The feedback from the kids is helping make this sport the best it can be. Most importantly, they’re having a lot of fun.

This sport exemplifies teamwork. Contribute however you can to get the win. Everyone does their part.

Did I mention this new sport is full contact? And, best of all, no one is getting hurt. What isn’t there to enjoy about http://dronesoccer.us


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