DRL Miami was Full of Fast Thrills

The DRL Miami, Drone Racing League, captivated the largest audience to date at the Miami30fly event on Saturday, February 25th. Crowds lined down the streets waiting for the gates to open at 6pm and were thrilled with some intense races.

Many families were enjoying the event, kids got to meet and greet with their favorite pilots, and everyone went home a winner. The future of drone racing looks to be bright, as so many young fans are in attendance.

The DRL has done a great job of showcasing to people how exciting drone racing can be. Before the event began, Tyreek Hill, one of the Dolphins best receivers, and no stranger to flying himself was along as a co-pilot for one of the rides. Alex Vanover, one of the greatest drone pilots showed Tyreek what FPV drone racing is all about by going around on a high speed run.

The goggles offer pilots the ability to gather as much real-time info about the drones flight path as possible. The headsets are set to receive low latency video so pilots are able to maneuver throughout the obstacles that have been strategically place throughout the arena. “That’s fire, cool, bro”, was the reaction from Tyreek Hill and he was all smiles after the quick flight. That same general feeling was present all throughout the stadium from the start of the night to the riveting finish.

Hairpin turns test pilots ability to weave through at such intense speeds means that many crashes are inevitable. But, like when a basketball player has found a rhythm and is sinking 3’s; when a pilot is in the zone, they are tough to beat. Some of the pilots pulled so far ahead in some races that it was almost assured they would be the winners. Other races would require photo finishes to determine the rightful winner.

The pilots are elites at what they do and the competition is brutal. One of the nice things about racing is how the pilots are able to interact with each other during the event. Pilots are able to show their emotions. Often when a pilot screams they will let out a big scream. They are always quick to thank their fans and encourage the crowds to get behind them and provide some energy.

Fans were able to visit the merch store, where they could load up on all their favorite gear. Perhaps you’d like a jersey of your favorite drone pilot, Amari? Fans were able to interact with different sponsors. The US Military is a big supporter of drone technology and this event is a great way for them to have access to the youth.

The scene is reminiscent of the excitement surrounding the WWE. Fans at wrestling events are some of the greatest in the world. The business has done a tremendous job of building a captivated audience. The DRL is getting fans involved by having fans use the hashtag #Miami30FLY on social media. Lucky members in the stands were given the opportunity to win some great prizes. T-shirts were thrown out into the crowd. Some fans were able to score meet and greets with their favorite pilots.

Fans are able to access DRL simulators on almost any device. The simulators offer a great experience and allow users to experience what it is like to be a drone pilot. Flying drones takes a lot of skill. One thing the professional pilots routinely mention is the amount of training they do to ensure they keep their skills at such a high level.

If you have not yet experienced drone racing, you are in luck. The event is scheduled to be on TV at a future date. If you have children and are looking for an activity you can enjoy together, maybe drone racing is something you can both share.

The sport is very much youth centric. Many of the pilots are under the age of 20. This is a young sport and many opportunities exist for people to find their place in it. The DRL is hoping that you become a fan. Their product is resonating with audiences. If you want to learn more about drone racing this article here might be a good place to start.

The pilots had to navigate a field which included something they referred to as “the Slalom Column.” The pilots weaved in and out of the pilings set outside of the back of the outfield. The drones then flew up and threw one of the led obstacles suspended high above the stadium. The pilots did have a number of crashes on a couple of hairpin turns. One particular turn in the outfield of 1st base would prove to be especially difficult. Navigating this turn would with speed would often allow a pilot a sizeable lead that could be maintained throughout the rest of the track.

After the event, fans were treated to a 400 light drone show. The roof of the ballpark opened to send the night off with a proper Miami wlecome. Hopefully the event will come back to the 305Fly because Miami loves drones and for all accounts the event looked like a major success.

Please stay tuned to DroneFlyer as we will continue to bring you the latest and greatest information on all things related to drone racing. The future is bright for drone racing. The best part, if you want to be a part of it, there is no better time to start than now.

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