Vayu Aerospace And the Autonomous Future

What is a mesh network?

The mesh network is designed to process the shipment of orders in a decentralized fashion. Benefits include faster delivery and more reliable service. Instead of relying on a central hub, multiple options exist for delivery routes. Operators rely on real-time data to make decisions. Vayu Aerospace is hoping to build out a mesh node network in Dubai, Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

A mesh network would allow an operation the ability to operate around natural disasters, difficult weather, and other issues to avoid unnecessary delays. Shipments can be furthered along a number of different routes along the supply chain as needed.

Alpine 4 Holdings, trading under the stock symbol ALPP, is the parent company of the subsidiary Vayu Aerospace Corporation. Identified Technologies, another subsidiary, provides real-time mapping data to various industries. Their expertise helps provide a fusion of advanced technologies that could prove vital in creating this planned mesh network. The data could be used to provide real-time maps of the city for decision-makers.

The CEO of Alpine 4, Kent Wilson, stated previously that the company had already developed an app to be used in conjunction with the drone delivery. Vayu drones goal is to be the Worldwide leader in autonomous freight delivery. Many other companies are vying to be the leaders in this increasingly lucrative market.

Dubai is home to many companies looking for a proving ground in their quest to be the leaders in drone delivery. One recent example is the company, Amarex, which is testing out their ideas for the advancement of last-mile delivery ideas. Their drones are capable of conducting multiple deliveries. The drones also can sustain their flight time for long enough to travel meaningful distances. Many companies are employing drones in combination with robots and autonomous vehicles to produce incredible results.

Disruption, game-changing, and revolutionary are some of the adjectives being used to describe the changes taking place regarding what we know about delivery. The whole concept is being turned on its face due to the rapid, almost overnight rise of drone technology. Startups are popping up like weeds. Drones deliver more packages everyday and the trend show no sign of slowing.

Additionally, with all of the sensors that come on the equipped drones, the technology is proving to be very safe. Relatively few accidents are occurring compared to the many benefits that are tangible to anyone intimately involved in the process.

Private investments continue to swell as many people hope to profit off of the fast changing paradigm. So many companies are moving towards making electrified flight something that is no longer fantasy, but available, safe and ready for mass transit. The companies that are working towards solving all of these goals are receiving investments that are almost headturning.

BRINC,a drone company based out of Reno, NV is the latest company to unveil their plans for a Mesh network. They are unveiling their plan at an event they are billing as a plan to reimagine response on March 2, 2023.

Regulations need to keep pace with the industry to allow for faster growth.

Autonomous Future

Skdio recently raised $230M, bringing its current value to $2.2B. The drone industry is certainly catching the attention of investors. The Ukraine conflict has really fastracked the industry. Many drone companies are reaping the benefits of relationships with the US government. Chinese drones pose geopolitical risks, making American companies especially attractive. The demand for US Military drone hardware and software should only continue to expand. Many companies are aware of this and are hoping to court the government and provide technology useful for national security.

Autonomous drone swarms seem to be the future of combat. Many governments are investing in the technology to insure they retain superiority over their airspace. The ability of many drones to autonomously attack and overwhelm enemy combatants cannot be denied. The technology employed in these drones is frightening, causing many to question the ethics and potential for misuse. Facial recognition is able to identify the right targets and eliminate them before they can do danger to others. The technology ending up in the wrong hands is especially frightening. The future of warfare is changing rapidly and companies who are able to provide the government with the tools are reaping the benefits hand over fist.

Vayu Inc drones obviously display clear abilities for military applications. The ability to incorporate solid state batteries into the airframes sets the drone apart from its contemporaries. Vayu had stated that they were approached by the military to make drones to their specifications. The airframes are especially useful for reconnaissance. The ability to operate in tight environments and be operationally disposable make them predisposed to being useful in the swarm plans the military is seeking to employ.

Another startup called Dronamics received $40M in funding with their plans to having flying delivery drones the ability to ship all across Europe from a single warehouse. It will be interesting to look back on all the different approaches to determine which will be best. The future determines which ideas rise above the others. At some point, the next disruptor comes along.

The US government, DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is reportedly developing a top secret program known as AMASS, which is autonomous drone swarms. The Pentagon is supposedly looking to invest up to $78M into the program. Drones such as the Wolverine, the Club, and the Mitigator from Vayu seem to fit the essence of the program. Reports of thousands, maybe tens of thousands of drones overwhelming any hostile forces would be a boon to any company involved in the aerospace industry.

Its no secret that all countries are working towards this same goal. The cheap costs of drones compared to conventional warfare is undeniable. Small players are able to launch effective programs and become dangerous due to the ubiquitous nature of drone technology. All countries, undoubtably, keep their most precious secret technologies classified to the full extent to maintain every advantage possible over enemy combatants. Like Area 51, we can only guess about the advanced technology that is being development by the governments around the world.

Ukraine alone plans on spending $540M on drone technology this year and hopes that will just be the beginning. The government already has contracts with 16 different providers to supply drones for reconnaissance. Furthermore, they hope to implement more drones for strategic use in the future.

The relatively low cost of the knucklebuster series of drones offered by Vayu and the advertisement of being disposable suggests the use in some precarious situations. Further information is expected to be delivered about what has been happening during the last 6 months before the upcoming Alpine 4 shareholder’s meeting. However, available heuristics tend for the expectation to believe that Vayu drones are being delivered to various entities for some pretty advanced uses, The demand for drones like the ones offered by Vayu seems to be almost self-evident when looking at the offerings for yourself. The aircraft are advanced.

The company is run by a collection of veterans who are employing their skills to enact their mission statement to the fullest, “Use a drone. Spare a Life.” The mission is easy for anyone to understand and the costs do not need explanation. In a world where chaos runs amok, unfortunately, you are going to require either a human to be put in peril or hopefully, increasingly a drone to mitigate against the dangers posed by those who wish to cause harm to others.

The Military and law enforcement  are in the unique position to provide their units with the best equipment available. Keeping humans away from lethal situations is a worthy goal. Drones provide the ability for more departments to provide advanced security for their personnel. The government is friendly to drone companies and the market is poised to grow due to the large scale bans against Chinese made drones. Many local and state governments are looking to restrict the use and purchase of Chinese drones. American drone companies are set to benefit for the foreseeable future for the necessary demand.

Vayu Aerospace drone designs are uniquely crafted to provide the best drone technology to clients. Whether governmental or civil uses, the company is able to provide the right drone for the job. Other drone companies are contending to be the best and assuredly there will be numerous winners amongst the crowded field. The industry scene is reminiscent of the early days of flight when advancements were happening on a weekly basis.

The drone industry is exciting. The products that we know about are interesting, but its those secrets that are being kept behind locked doors that are the stuff of lore. Its pretty easy to see the future is bright for the drone industry. The youth are really interested in flying and some spend all of their free time getting better. The Air Force is using this popularity to appeal to the younger generation. Much like how we used to go to air shows when we were younger, the drone companies, such as Draganfly are showing youths their cool drones.

For some of us, its easy to remember a time when we didn’t all have cellphones. The kids born today might not remember a world without drones. Drones are the future and the products of the future are already being delivered now.






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