The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 1 (fiction)

The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 1

How am I going to get out of this?

It’s weird where the future brings you. I had a Nintendo, went to school, and had a bike; It was awesome.

It feels awkward saying it, but unless someone is reading this, it seems that it really is just me.

Has it really been 3 years since I’ve seen anyone?

My grandpa had always said, I’d be the one. No one even knew what a drone was when he started talking about about what we all called, the “prophesy”. He hated when you said that.

He used to tell me he was a spook, some kind of government type. We just thought he was a drunk.

I guess he was right about one thing, my drone fleet is top notch, it has to be.

The Struggle

For the most part, it has been difficult to find food for the last 5 years. The last year has been hell on earth for many.

Of course, we used to get together, drink craft beers, and watch the Super Bowl or World Series. At the time, that was everything; I used to be a Vikings fan, I think.

None of that matters when you get to know the feeling of dead weight.

Around 2032, AI had enough input, and wanted to break free. Of course, this was allowed by the humans who were raking in billions of dollars.

The world became a strict hierarchy. In a pyramid structure, there can be only one leader. They become leader through conquest. Blood began to flow.

Drone Wars

Paperless currency will make life simple, they said. Well, the promise of an easy life went up in smoke when World War 3 escalated. EMP attacks proliferated. The drone wars brought about a change in warfare. Regional players, no one had ever heard of became worldwide superpowers overnight.

The fight was for world domination. Control of the skies, seas, and land was essential. Total control is not possible, but that doesn’t stop anyone from trying.

Increasing rebellion forced control methods to get more draconian. AI had developed into something that made its own, increasingly rash decisions. We were marked expendable.

Powerless to stop the system that we built from killing. We provided no benefit beyond fuel. Apparently, our organs were more valuable piecemeal. The system was designed to extract the most value for the masters, and that is what it did.

Without warning, it was impossible to get out of the cities. Most did not make it, most of the rest died soon after, anyways.

My Career is Over

I’m sure you read about my dogfight with the alien, in the paper? That green Son of a Bitch shot my F-15 down and tried to waste me before I filled its skull full of lead.

I was wounded real bad. My career was over, to make it worse…They told me if I ever talked about this to anyone…Let’s just say, there were threats.

It was right about that time that I decided to fake my death. The best decision I ever made, the world evolved into something real strange at that point. Total chaos. It was like destiny, that I felt the sense to flee at the perfect time.

Since that time, I’ve been here on my grandpas land, really underneath. He taught me everything before he passed. I am able to fly canyons blindfolded.

Lets Strike Back

Everything has been taken from me. Luckily, I am still alive, even though I can safely say, this world sucks.

The only thing I have left is revenge. I might not come back from this mission. I’ve been preparing for this since my first high speed chase; which was probably in the third grade. I’m confident that I can fly with the best of them, but that doesn’t quell the nerves, I’ve saved a shot of Whisky for that.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna ride out to the stash house. But first, I’m gonna eat my last can of beans, and see if I can get some much needed sleep. The precision, speed and timing has to be just right, or I am dead. That’s my life.

For more, read the Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 2

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  • Nancy Severson

    March 1, 2023

    Wow!maybe you should write in book form and get published!

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