Ukraine Drone Attack In Russia War: Drones on the Battlefield.

Drone Strikes Show No Sign of Stopping

A recent string of footage provides ample evidence that drones will continue to be an important part of the war machine. A Ukraine drone attack in Russia was captured on film, a kamikaze drone falling from the sky, before locating and attacking a Russian tank. In another incident, a US Reaper drone crashed into the Black Sea, after being engaged by Russian fighter jets.

Drone attacks continue unabated. Still, some questions remain about the ethical issues raised by drone attacks. Civilian casualties remain a concern, and the parties differ greatly on the total number of civilian casualties suffered as a result of the thousands of airstrikes that have been conducted in Syria and elsewhere.

Black Sea

Two Russian pilots reportedly attacked a $14M Reaper drone, repeatedly flying close to the drone, before bumping into the drone’s propeller. This collision rendered the drone inoperable, and as a result it crashed into the Black Sea.

The Black Sea is a body of water between Russia and Ukraine, an area that is already a hot zone. Unfortunately, this incident has escalated the already tense relations between the US and Russia. The US called the Russian Ambassador, Anatoly Antonov, for an emergency meeting to address concerns.

The reaper drones were on a reconnoissance missions, according to US officials. These US pilots witnessed the event through the on-board cameras tried to keep the drone safe and away from the fighters prior to the incident.

According to the US, the two Russian fighter pilots recklessly flew into the drones path in a provoking manner and were dousing it with gasoline before the accident occurred.

The Russians deny these allegations, and say that the US drone was the aggressor.

Up until this point, most are unaware of any direct US, Russia entanglements in the conflict. America has been supplying the Ukraine with military aid, but has not been directly involved as a participant in the war.

Tensions in the region are already on a trajectory that shows no sign of slowing, hopefully this situation can be resolved before without further escalation.

Ukrainian Security Service

Ukraine drone footage released by the Ukrainian Security Service on Twitter, shows one of their Kamikaze Drones falling out of the sky, the video concludes right before the drone makes contact with a Russian tank.

The internet is abuzz, about this consumer drone attacking the Russian tank. Many viewers are opining as to what kind of warhead was attached to the kamikaze drone. One thing is for sure, people are interested.

As different drone designs have proven useful on the frontlines, the strategies for defending airspace remain as important as ever. The continued success being evidenced means more drones are expected to proliferate across the battlefield.

Both sides of the effort have recognized the value drones provide. The Russians have, reportedly, been provided with Iranian drones, and have been using them to great efficiency. In another article, we discussed how drone swarms are about to become reality and possibly change warfare as we know it.

Ethical Questions

The UK is facing backlash related to a Reaper drone strike that occurred in Syria, last December. The attack destroyed a building that was supposedly being used by an IS leader for the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons.

Concerns are being raised about the possibility that two civilian casualties, might have resulted from this particular strike. Both sides have vastly different accountings of the numbers of civilian casualties related to drone strikes

People are rightfully concerned that the war does not seem to have any ending, no one is calling for de-escalation, some fear it might become a “forever war.”

Unfortunately, China and Russia are becoming closer allies, and the skirmishes in the Middle East do not show any signs of abating.

The UK will not confirm whether it is even conducting an investigation into whether there were any casualties in this December drone strike.

As a Result, it looks as if drones will continue to rule the skies. The benefits that drones provide on the battlefield will only continue to increase. The technology is evolving rapidly, as a result of the Ukrainian conflict.

Weapons makers are reaping the rewards of providing these tools that are becoming indispensable to the frontlines. This pattern shows no sign of slowing.

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  • Nancy Severson

    March 15, 2023

    Looks like Russia is provoking us…..we look weak.

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