The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 3

The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 3

We’re headed to New York, the epicenter of this entity that has taken over America, and I don’t expect anyone to roll out the red carpet for our arrival. We are moving fast, despite carrying a lot of firepower.

I chose the M4, semi-auto shotgun, and Glock17 for this mission. We have what we hope is more than enough rounds to try to stop the Dycretians from assembling this newest bio-computer that has the potential to unleash further poison on the world.

Organoid Intelligence

Computers used to be strictly hardware, now, of course, they have been mutated into franken-machines. Scientists hoped to use computers to rid the world of disease once and for all, so many doctors contributed to this research.

A new field called, “Organoid Intelligence”, was born. The disciplines goal was noble, it became the hottest new thing, and as a result many billionaires began to invest in this promising new medical field. When certain leading scientists began to question the ethics of the research, they were quickly escorted to the door.

Those who spoke out were made example of, and many young doctors died under suspicious circumstances during this period.

Dr. Haviki

The world renowned, Dr. Haviki, established iron-fisted control over the most established program, which was in a little college based out of New York. The Oberstreet program would eventually evolve into something truly frightening.

The machines began to seek out human weakness, in order to eradicate the species. Naturally, Dr. Haviki was beaten to death one day in his office one day by one of the humanoids that he had created.

His brain was harvested to accelerate the program’s understanding, the machine sought to harvest other great minds for all their knowledge.

The trans-humanist research they are doing must be stopped, the people behind this cancer must be held accountable for all the millions of lives they have ruined.

Of course, the real problem is no one knows who is in charge, or if anyone actually is truly running this system anymore at all.

Getting to New York

On the way to New York, we are escorted by my swarm of drones, which provides impressive defense. We can autonomously control the fleet from our wrist computers, a very useful feature in the middle of a fire fight. The ability to seamlessly control so much, turns our two man army into an impressive force as capable as any modern army.

Certainly, we will get attacked along the way, this is their stronghold, after all.

I learned all of this information because I tune into their broadcasts. They use ham radios, like truckers because they believe no one is listening. Also, they figure, even if someone was paying attention, no one is stupid enough to challenge their rule.

They are cold-blooded, and arrogant as hell, but what is that saying, “when hubris is all-consuming, it frequently leads to one’s downfall?”


We’ve pretty much only exited the cave system, and the situation has already intensified to a level 8. The area we are traveling has become uninhabitable, void of life, and when someone spots you out here; you are in trouble.

When the fight or flight response sets in, you have to follow your gut, and my gut says we are in for a fight.

I’ve identified five dangerous looking humanoids, I like to call them Skeptaurs because I think it sounds cool, same thing with the Dycretians termed I coined. It doesn’t matter what you call them. Who’s gonna correct me, anyways?

Hopefully, we’ll find some other, real humans still living; it makes sense to hold out hope.

Anyways, they are following closely, aggressively revving their engines, and looking pretty pissed.

There is no use in trying to hide, the landscape has been converted into wasteland. Life has not roamed this area for 7 yrs.

No one would enter the restricted zone without a death wish.

Imminent Attack

Steve has already moved off to their left flank, falling behind to secure a better position for attack. Any second now, I am about to press a button on my screen and light up a few of these SUVs with a drone assault.

The enemy is more than capable of returning fire. In fact, they had been buying so much ammo before the collapse, there was never any available at the gun shops.

It’s about damn time someone makes them pay. I don’t have anything left to lose.

My wife and kids are somewhere out in that machine, and if there is any hope they are still alive, It’s gonna be hell to pay for anyone standing in my way.






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