The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 4

The Drone Flyer Chronicles: Part 4

The Chase

We must be going a hundred miles an hour right now, as we travel along this wasteland that used to be a nice drive to New York. It probably used take about fifteen hours hours to make the drive from Missouri to New York. That fifteen hour estimate, assumes traveling at normal speeds and obeying the posted speed limits, through the different cities that used to thrive along the route.

I’m driving the vehicle that used to send my neighbor’s into a global warming frenzy, the Apocalypse 6×6 with the corvette engine, a freakin’ tank. We have to conserve our fuel because our supply is running out, but this is a do or die mission.

I have been repeatedly ramming the SUV to my right, which at this point is riddled with bullet holes, and smoking pretty heavily. The damage to the car won’t matter in a minute, this vehicle and anything near it is as good as dead.


With any luck, when this SUV flips up into the air, the mass of blazing steel will land on the ATV that is following slightly behind to the right. Neither of these two will react to the impact, it will be swift and unexpected.

I signal to Steve on the radio in Spanish,”muévete a tu derecha”, which means, move to your right. The enemy won’t know what we are saying, they are not interested in knowledge, only brute force. If they didn’t have such a one track mind, the world would be a much different place.

They might have met their match today in the force department; I’ve got a little welcome party planned for these Skeptaurs.

Hellfire missiles are known for their ability to take out enemies, these had been used successfully by US forces for decades, especially during World War Three. We’ve got a few we’ve been saving for a special occasion, a few of these humanoids are about to get an invite to the party.

Some have called the Hellfire, the “silent killer.” The driver of the SUV, probably didn’t even have a clue before the missile hit dead on target. That blast must have lifted that hunk of metal into the air about 10 to 15 feet. The impact blasted out a crater underneath, and it felt like time stood still for a split second as the SUV floated in the wind like a plastic bag from the movie, “Forrest Gump.”

I say this, because in that quick moment when the SUV frame was up in the air, I got a clear view of the ATV rider on the right for what felt like a minute. In that instant, the driver of the ATV put their hands above their head, in a futile effort to stop five thousand pounds from crashing down upon them. Two enemy soldiers are dead; this is not the time to let the others regroup.

We have three enemy soldiers in our sights, whether they have realized it or not, they are now the hunted.

The Hunt

Sure, I have identified the land between Missouri and New York as wasteland, but that might be a bit of an exaggeration. The vibrant city used to have a bustling waterway, 3 rivers joined right there. In fact, the old Pirate’s Stadium actually used to be called Three River’s Park. The first time I was in the city, was when I saw my Atlanta Braves win the 1992 NLCS Championship Series, it was beyond exciting.

Pittsburgh used to be a fun city to visit; it’s easy to recall some of the great times I had in that town. But even the simple pleasures, seem so far removed. What I wouldn’t give for a hot dog and a soda right about now.

This chase is not as simple as it seems, due to the fact that the city still does have some shells of buildings. If they find some hiding places along what used to be the river bed or make it to what’s left of these ruins, we might have a firefight on our hands.

I would much rather we take these three out now, when we have the chance, rather than them shaking our tail. The problem is the outskirts of the city are quickly approaching, and they just might get their chance to break free.


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