GAC Big Plans for Drones in Dubai

The future of drones in Dubai looks bright, logistics companies are thriving. Global Autonomous Corporation has a plan to provide service beyond what other companies can provide. The delivery concept provided by the Alpine 4 Holdings inc subsidiary, looks like it could be a substantial improvement in logistics. Does GAC have competitive advantages that will be difficult for other companies to overcome?

Dubai is known for having the latest tech, and being very supportive of technology businesses. This will be a discussion of the bright future, I believe awaits ALPP shareholders.

Alpine 4 is a holding company, currently there are 14 subsidiaries. Can we look forward to products like SpectrumEBOS or BrakeActive having their time and place, possibly.

Does it seems like Alpine 4 is pivoting itself to become more attractive to US government projects across various sectors. For example, one subsidiary, Solas Ray, is positioning itself as a leader in American made lighting technology.

Does Alpine 4 have anything to do with the RCA United LLC entity, beyond supplying batteries? My assumption would be that ALPP executives are working diligently to accomplish the A4 mission, “Our company mission and our purpose are to share with the world our vision of how a corporation should be publicly owned and run.”

Solid State Battery Advantage

GAC claims that the solid state batteries, offered in their newest drones, will provide a competitive advantage that will be difficult for other companies to overcome.

These batteries allow for rapid charging as evidenced by the Elecjet line of products. This ability allows the drones to be in service, when other companies drones would be charging.

The drones are designed around the same concept of Tesla vehicles, in that the product should be designed around a battery. This “flying Battery” design is patented. Kent Wilson, CEO, said previously,”it would be very difficult for companies to overcome.”

These batteries are safe, as opposed to lithium-ion batteries, which pose dangers that have been well documented.


The videos that were recently uploaded to YouTube, showed the drone delivering a package, held tightly to the airframe, and delivering without a drop. This would be an improvement over the drops that happen with the ropes or parachutes. These drops often result in swaying or spinning in windy conditions.

The efficiency this provides in the drop-off, should allow for much quicker deliveries.The autonomous control of the drones will only enhance this speed. The GAC app shows the ability to deliver packages up to at least 44 lbs!

The kiosks look well designed. Similar to ones already used in many apartment communities. These designs work, KISS: keep it simple stupid.


This App should be a great way for ALPP to bring in recurring revenue. I assume there will be some kid of subscription fees, i.e., $15 a month for the package delivery app.

After that fee, you would have what appears to be a similar design to an Uber app, with different delivery options. The App will probably have dynamic pricing, if you want packages sooner, it’s possible higher fees will apply.

Users should be able to use all of these products seamlessly, and the bonus of using the Mesh Network logistics model, will further solidify these other advantages.

Autonomous drones will be able to tailor their flight patterns to these strategically located kiosks, in order to transport in the fastest time frame.

In conclusion, these ideas should hopefully provide ALPP shareholders to see some much anticipated rewards. If not successful on this front, ALPP does have many other things going for it.

Dubai envisions thousands of drones safely delivering goods overhead. The videos they show on their website appear to feature the Vayu Aerospace Corp, G1 and US1 drones. The area is home to a thriving logistics industry, and the country is very aggressive in encouraging growth in these technology companies.

Dubai hopes to design buildings around deliveries, with areas purpose-built to accept drones. The Alpine 4 concept fits perfectly into the idea that Dubai has for the future. These same efforts can be replicated worldwide, investors wait anxiously for news.


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