On the Radar: EPAZ and TAKOF Stock

Drone Delivery Canada is another corporation I am interested in, ever since seeing their display at the CommercialUAV Expo in Las Vegas. The drone I am familiar with looks like a helicopter, only slightly smaller, with the capability of carrying a bunch of packages. The company is publicly traded, interested in TAKOF stock?

The autonomous drone logistics operation is powered by their proprietary software called FLYTE, which enables the fleet of drones to safely deliver packages in the most efficient manner possible. The company hopes to market this application in the future, with the goal of offering the programs as a SAAS, Software of a Service.

DDC offers three different drones, so clients have flexible delivery options. The company has the ability to serve a wide array of industries. Additionally, DDC offers better delivery options for rural areas, they will also be able to service these areas much quicker in emergencies. 

The delivery market is expected to grow by many billions of dollars, therefore, the companies can deliver the best solutions will be rewarded for their innovation. As a result, the competition is intense.

Drone Delivery Canada is continuing to innovate, and is not averse to partnering with other companies to further the vision. For example, Pegasus Industries will be helping DDC with scalability into the middle-mile delivery space. Currently, DDC is best positioned for last-mile delivery services, but this partnership should lead to further epxansion.

The drone industry, in its infancy, this reality allows companies to collaborate, while the overall market sees high growth. Their combined efforts bring to the table products that have a sustainable advantage over the competition. DDC appears to be setting itself up for a bright future.

The Zenadrone 1000 is an autonomous drone that has recently garnered some attention from the US Air Force. The company has recently signed an agreement, which will be testing the ability of the drone to successfully deliver in battlefield situations. 

The market cap is under $1M for the publicly traded company, Epazz Holdings, which owns the subsidiary, Zenadrone Inc., interested in learning more about EPAZ stock? 

When I tried buying some a warning came across my screen stating the stock is risky, which is of course the case with penny stocks, or any stock for that matter.

The Company has achieved SBIR1 approval, and is currently in the process of applying for SBIR2. This status will enable Zenadrone to potentially realize larger contracts of up to $1.2M, if successful in demonstrations.

The Army has advanced their rating of the technology towards a mature state, these approvals are a validation of the technology. The technology inside of the drone continues to advance. 

The design of the drone is different from other offerings. The drone offers about 1 hour of flight time, and charges on a fast charging wireless pad. The drone is manufactured of carbon fibre and has 8 propellers. This combination and the wide flat design of the body is something thing company prides itself on.

The company recently presented the drone at a trade show in Abu Dhabi, the booth looked to be receiving a lot of attention. Videos of the Zenadrone have been uploaded to YouTube recently, by the YouTube channel, Zenadrone Inc.

Time will tell if the marketing efforts pay off, not all drone companies are going to be successful. Drone companies will need to continue to innovate to capture market share.

 As a result of their efforts, the company hopes for market penetration, that will make their company an up and coming competitor.

The drone industry is exciting. No one knows who the ultimate winners will be, if they exist yet, or what the best design will prove to be.

How diverse will the designs of the industries offerings be? It will be interesting to see, because much like the computer business, the next idea could come from any garage across the planet.

Every country is interested in the drone industry, and wants their country to be leaders in the technology. The race is on to find the best delivery solutions, a race that includes numerous autonomous vehicles.

Increasing curiosity in drones continues to spark many outgrowths and opportunities for entrepreneurs, and should continue to attract the talent to achieve great things.

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