What is a Fixed Wing Drone? Why Do I need One?

What is an eBee Fixed Wing Drone?

Why should I choose an eBee Fixed Wing Drone? This article will discuss the benefits a fixed wing drone. These designs provide users the ability to cover more ground, than multi-rotor drones. Fixed wing drones are proving useful for many commercial applications. The eBee drone by AgEagle is making waves on the market because it checks so many of the boxes that clients need.

What is a fixed wing drone?

When most people think of drones they think of of the little DJI type drones that have four propellers, known as Muti-rotors, which operate similar to a helicopter. Drones like these are suitable for operations in smaller areas.

A fixed wing UAV in contrast, use thrust to get into the air, the concept is the same as an airplane speeding down the runway. This design allows the drones to have flight times up to ten times longer than multi-rotors.

The wings are designed the same as a plane. The goal is to move air quicker over the wings, which will create lift.  

As a result, drones built using these time-proven designs are able to benefit. The increased wingspan allows for much greater flight ability. Fixed wing drones can cover a much larger area than Multirotor drones, which would need to land every thirty minutes or so, depending upon design.

Most of us are familiar with the instability of multi rotor drones in gusty winds. It takes a lot more effort to keep the multi-rotor drone steady in heavy winds. Fixed wing drones have much greater stability. 

In the event of emergency the fixed wing UAVs will have the ability to glide to safety, whereas, multi rotors will drop.

Fixed wing drones can fly for much longer than the designs of their counterparts. A drone fleet using both Muti-rotors and fixed wing drones will provide users with the best of both worlds.

 If you have the means, the ultimate in current drone technology is the VTOL, which offers Vertical Take Off and Landing, but that is for another article.

Why the eBee Drone?

The eBee drone is made by a company called AgEagle, it is a publicly company, traded under the symbol UAVS. 

The eBee currently comes in five options, such as the eBee X. This impressive array of add on options, should provide clients the ability to get exactly what they need for surveillance, surveying, mapping, or agriculture needs. 

AgEagle has partnered with other great companies to offer the best technology for clients, regardless of whether they choose straight AgEagle products or not. An example of the adaptability is the MicaSense drone sensor, which is a popular add on for other drone platforms.

eBee drones have the ability to cover up to 1,200 acres in one flight, because of this advantage, the platform is proving very useful for agriculture.

Even if a farmer is able to access the terrain, the work is often labor intensive. Frost or muddy conditions are not ideal situations to be using heavy machinery or human labor, which often cause damage to the soil. Drones are proving a useful alternative to many farmers.

The camera technology and software that is aboard these drones, provides farmers with the information they need to apply labor and treatment exactly as needed, reducing the need for labor.

The eBee has been granted a waiver by the FAA for operations over people, so operators are able to use the eBees, with the freedom they need to get large jobs done. Inspecting a large farm with corn crops and soybeans can be accomplished easily without fear.

Fixed wind drones are much quieter than their multi rotor counterparts, making these designs excellent for surveillance. European militaries have just received eBees, it will be useful to get feedback about their use in intelligence operations.

 The ability to travel long distances, makes these drones especially useful for inspections. The technology has the ability to provide real-time data for the construction industry. 

Hopefully, you have a better idea on the advantages of a fixed wing drone. Whether or not you need this technology, is dependent upon the size of your operation. 

The AgEagle company is always improving, so it will be interesting to see what the next options or platforms are. 

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