Investing in the Drone Industry? Drone Stocks April 2023

The drone industry is still small, but the future looks to provide growth opportunities for investors. Military and commercial end users are driving the rapid growth of the market. Lightning- fast advancements in drone technology are the norm, due to the large investments provided by these deep- pocketed buyers. If you are interested in investing in the drone sector, maybe one of these drone stocks warrant further research. Stocks are risky, this is not a call to action, do your own research.

One thing with investing, is that longer time frames and patience, often provide investors with better results. Warren Buffett doesn’t want to buy a stock, unless he would be proud to hold it for 10 years or more.

The drone industry is expected to grow rapidly into the year 2030. These technologies could see growth that mirrors the advancements in the AI, software, and EV fields.

ALPP, Alpine 4 Holdings Inc. will be holding their much anticipated shareholder meeting on April 18, 2023. This will be the first time the company has been able to effectively communicate with shareholders in about 6 months due to the financial restatements needing to be audited.

Shareholders hope that the mission has been going as planned. The other subsidiaries seem to be delivering on their intentions, I.e. Nucor has become a partner of Excel Technologies.

Hopefully, things work out in shareholder’s favor, and fast.

AVAV, Aerovironment, has introduced an even better version of the Switchblade 300. The corporation is a leader in drone technology. This stock is the blue-chip of the stocks that have been discussed. 

Shares are currently trading around $90. Investors seem to have an appetite for the shares and expect a bright future for the company.

DPRO, Dragonfly, is seeing increased demand for their suit of drone products. 2022 provided the most revenue ever in their 24 year existence. 

The company is making improvements to their capacity, so that they will be able to meet expectations of higher demand. The corporation recently attended the Police Summit in Dubai. Dubai, as we have previously discussed is a leader in drone investment.

RCAT Holdings has invested into a company named Firestorm. RCAT wants to provide Firestorm with whatever they need to scale their products to meet their increasing demand.

Both companies are exited about their respective futures, demand looks strong for both entities. The border patrol has already purchased 54 Teal 2 drones.

Teal drones is partnering with a number of companies they believe provide the best software and technology for Teal’s clients. The latest partnership is with an Australian company, called Athena. 

The Athena AI product allows for advanced tracking and information of people, so that the border patrol has the tools they need to have the advantage in night-time operations. The technology is able to identify guns and other threats.

Teal Golden Eagle drones are manufactured in the US. The companies builds the drones under one roof, to better maintain quality control.

The US military is looking to work with companies that are able to build great products to scale. Teal drones is focused on continuing to expanding their reach within the military.

UAVS, AgEagle has recently delivered eBee drones to European military forces for testing. The drones can deliver 4k video to operators from up to 12 miles away. One operator can operate up to 4 drones.

The AgEagle offering is unique from other companies, 3.5 pounds, with the small fixed wing design. This design is proving useful for agriculture, inspection, and surveillance.

In general, drones continue to find new end users. Drones are capable and often cost effective. The technology is becoming indispensable to many industries. 

It is difficult to predict the future, but if you do your research, and think that one of these drone companies is going to be a winner, maybe you you want to take that next step and become an investor.

If not, it is fun to follow these drone stocks because they are volatile, and their price fluctuations should be extreme for the foreseeable future.  

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