Mysteries: UAPs and the Unexplained

My grandpa was a pilot, so he had countless hours on all sorts of planes. He started young, flying in the Pacific during World War Two. Continuing flying Seven-Forty-Sevens and other planes for Northwest. One story he told me about, was a time when he was flying a commercial airliner and this ball of light went down the aisle, the story about the orbs was exciting. Obviously, he had witnessed many things in his lifetime, and he didn’t know what to make of this event. Talk of UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and other unexplained events are definitely captivating the attention of the public.

The Pentagon has 325 UFO sightings they believe to have some kind of credibility. A 2022 video out of the Middle East shows a drone trying to follow a flying orb ball, little ufo lights, that are going in and out of the frame of the military drones camera. This object was obviously traveling at very high speeds. However, different reported phenomena have found credible explanation. Recently, sightings of orbs being reported in Northern California were determined to be “space junk.” Supplies intended to be delivered to Space Station, have been astray for three years. Much is still a mystery.

Visit unique places around the globe and you will begin to wonder how much we really know about the world around us. It feels like knowledge is slipping away a little bit each day, as history goes to ruins. Civilizations are often built upon the remains of what came before. Have we been in contact with otherworldy beings? I’m not sure what to make of possible alien life but it is fun to speculate about things. 

One night in Altadena, California, I was sitting outside watching the stars because everything was highly visible on that clear night. These tricolored objects seemed to be zooming around at high speeds, changing direction without any noise. Obviously, we have a lot of advanced technology and that might begin to explain it. But, like many others who have questions, I believe more is going on than we are aware of. 

That is one reasons why I find a place like Xcarat in the Yucatan Peninsula intriguing. The Mayan culture had what some researchers consider to be their strongest port city, a thriving metropolis, complete with pyramid designs situated along the Gulf of Mexico. These structures are found on every continent, to me they have always symbolized hierarchy, and that there can only be one in charge. Human sacrifice would have helped drive this point home and stifled any challengers to the throne.

One topic that I find particularly interesting is Nordic aliens, who seem to be described as rather peaceful beings, looking out for mankind. To my understanding, Hinduism has similar beliefs about the Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara, who is known for keeping watch over the world. Paintings, writings, and many other works have often questioned or possibly hinted at things not being as they seem. Theories often find their way to becoming truth. Keeping an open mind about everything allows us to find that truth naturally. 

Pompeii is one of those places that is so well preserved that it allows people to peak into a different time and place. Ancient civilizations were probably far more advanced than we are led to believe. People lived in a world much like ours with restaurants, gyms, theaters, and nice public spaces accessible for all. Interesting places can be found anywhere and often depict a much deeper story than we can imagine. 

Even Miami, Florida contains mysteries that cannot be explained. The Coral Castle, built by a little man named Ed, is a garden built up of many perfectly carved, heavy limestone rocks. These rocks, which can weigh tons, move so easily all it takes is a finger to open an impossibly heavy rock door. The man built functional rocking chairs out of these huge rocks. The monument aligns with the stars and sun, creating some sort of clock. It is unexplainable.

I’m a little skeptical when all of the sudden everyone is telling me the same thing incessantly. Aliens are dominating news coverage, Kyiv Ukraine had some light flash across the sky that many reported seeing recently, leading many to speculate as to what it was. Pilots and high ranking officials are talking UFOs. News stories are speculating on whether AI powered aliens will take over the earth.

For me all this sensationalism is a bit much, it feels like a distraction intended for us to ignore problems we can solve. It feels like this is some orchestrated campaign in which we are going to be told we must believe. I often disagree with the consensus and that should be fine, let’s debate. Even though I am skeptical of alien life myself, I do think it is important to foster a world that values the freedom to research. What kind of world would we live without that ability?

“I have no particular talent, I am merely inquisitive.” Albert Einstein

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