Skysurfers, Jetsuits, Flying Cars, Oh My!

The future is going to be exciting if companies like Skysurfer Aircraft, Jetson Aero, or Gravity Industries have any say about it. Jetsuits makers like Gravity are defying what is possible with flight. Drone skateboards are also taking to the skies, skysurfing, if you will. Besides skysurfers, transportation of the future could also include something like the personal aerial vehicle, flying cars available from Jetson Aero. Any or all of these advancements making their way into the mainstream would be exciting for us as consumers. Let’s hope we watch the future we want take flight.

The Skysurfer Aircraft does promise to deliver just that, total freedom to surf the skies however you please. The flying skateboard allows the rider ultimate control. You could be like Tony Hawk. Currently, the Skysurfer is capable of speeds up to 65mph, 105kmh, for up to 20 minutes. The demonstrations on Youtube are awesome, evoking images of Marty McFly hovering on his skateboard as he is being chased by Biff in Back to the Future Two. 

The possibility that us mere mortals might get to experience something like this feels like a dream. It was only a few short years ago when sports like kitesurfing, wing suiting, and hydro-foiling began to allow riders to get some time in the air. We have come a long way since the introduction of the Flyboard, personal water craft, that allows a rider to go up to 45 feet high because of water propulsion. That feeling of flight has always been temporary, yet addicting. Now, we find ourselves at the portal to a whole new experience.

In recent years, unidentified flying objects have been spotted numerous times around Los Angeles, California. Pilots have been warned to be on the lookout for a man described as real life Iron Man. Reports like this are sure to increase due to the number of projects taking shape around the globe.

Gravity Industries is a UK company that is currently undergoing testing by the UK military. The jet packs, jetsuits, have two power packs on the forearms that power the user forward. The feet are completely free, allowing for a smooth landing. Currently, most of the testing is done over water for safety purposes, but the agile flyers zoom along fast and land on cue.

These technologies could be adapted easily to the battlefield, where difficult terrain would pose no trouble at all. Soldiers could scale mountains and get into heavily fortified areas without expending the energy previously required. 

Search and rescue missions could see game changing technology deployed in the future. It is quite possible that someone lost while hiking or washed out to sea could be rescued and flown to safety in record time.

The Jetson One personal aerial vehicle is making the rounds, showing off their remarkably cool flying car. The one person vehicle is one of the new EVTOL, electric vertical take off and landing, vehicles that will be hitting the market. No pilots license will be needed to fly these in the United States. Twenty hours of training is all that is required to be a Jetson pilot. The Jetson One max altitude is 1,500 feet. Tentative specifications are that the flying car can go 100 miles per hour. The Jetson One range is supposed to be around 100 miles before it will need recharging.

The freedom these sorts of exhilarating options could deliver for travelers and adventurers is becoming reality. Should these craft rule the future, it is almost guaranteed to bring smiles to faces. It is one thing to see these vehicles being tested, once we start seeing these out in the wild, people’s imaginations should run wild. It will stretch the realm of what’s possible.

It will be exciting to see where the future takes us. On the one hand it seems like the world is moving in a direction that is described by some as highly controlled, no fun. These futuristic inventions can allow us to break free from that depressing possibility.  

What will the roadways of the future look like? I like the future Doc Brown described best, “where we are going, we don’t need roads.” It is inspiring to watch all of these inventors, moving forward with ideas that seem so preposterous to the mainstream. Most people would never dream of taking a giant leap like these entrepreneurs have. They are risking time, money, and their lives to bring these ideas to the world. Hopefully, the world appreciates their time and effort.

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