Drones and Robots: Technology Making Jobs Fun

Drones and robots are bound to assist further in the workspace. The appeal is mainstream and educators are taking notice. 

We have already discussed in detail how drone racing has caught on like fire. Fans are attracted to the sport in droves, but robotics seems to have an even larger fan base. Robots and drones have a lot in common, and are moving into the workplace.

Drone Robotics is providing many opportunities for career seekers.

Robotics Competitions

3,000 high schoolers recently competed in the FIRST competition, hosted by the nonprofit, in Houston, TX. Teams were supplied with all the parts necessary to make industrial robots, and provided with the rules for the event. 

Building the robots takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, these students worked for at least 12 weekends to complete this project. Oftentimes, having to find other times to discuss the project.

It is evident, that kids are enjoying STEM learning. Events, such as this one, are well attended across the country. Opportunities will continue to grow for parents and students looking to get involved.


Most likely, many high paying jobs in the future will require some level of familiarity with technology. Programs all across the country are introducing students to the skills necessary to pursue rewarding careers in these exciting technology fields.

Besides the educational benefits, the students are enjoying participating. Having been through education myself, and seeing the lack of interest from students in high- level education classes, it is refreshing to see people interested in learning. The students are actually asking questions.

It’s Fun

Drone Robotics provide excitement for people of all ages. Events surrounding both activities are great for families, and especially beneficial for providing the ability for minority students to get ahead.

Learning is a life-long process, but it is best for the fire to be sparked at a young age. These hobbies that make learning fun are really interesting, and the kids seem to think so, too.

Technology is Coming

The security industry is a perfect example of how both drone and robot technology will be entering our lives. Increasingly, robots are taking over security positions. Some, employers find the robots to be better “employees” and are happy to have made the switch.

Drones have likewise, taken over the security industry, due to the ability to provide so many applications, and the ability to work in conjunction with ground units.

Sure, some hiccups have been experienced by both industries, but the march continues towards automation.

Robots and drones offer the same benefits to employers. They don’t call in sick, can work more hours, and don’t get distracted.

Working Better With Robots

Purdue University is merging drone technology with robotics in an attempt to make robots more functional. Currently, most robots perform simple tasks with precision; the goal of this program is to enable more complex robots.

If robots could accurately identify human behavior, they would be more useful with tailored responses. Part of the program intends to further the integration between humans and robots, so that the robots are more responsive to human needs.

The benefits provided by robots will continue to advance, as the robots, and the people who control them, continue to find better ways to solve problems.

Disaster response is evolving. Drones and robots are on the frontline. They can simply perform some tasks better than could be done otherwise.



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